Ferrostaal represents the market leaders for finishing. Among them Kolbus and Horizon.

Kolbus is a world leader in hardcover machines. Its DA 270 series is a hardcover assembler for notebooks, books, displays, game boards and similar products. The machine allows open cover formats ranging from 205 x 140mm up to 670 x 390 mm. A useful advantage is the fully motorized adjustment system with its central panel. The operator types in the data for the cover and the machine performs the adjustment automatically. Concentrating the commands on one side of the machine only, one single operator can perform all functions ergonomically. A modular machine that can be configured according to the needs of the customer is the Stitchliner 5500 system of Horizon. The complete system is designed for small and middle-size runs and collates, staples, folds and does the three-side trimming. Its touch screen allows for work changes varying the number of pages within a few clicks. Once it permits the scanning in a four-page pace, this feature makes the STITCHLINER 5500 much more flexible than other equipment that works with folded notebooks. In the square spine series, Horizon is also very productive and versatile, offering machines for the production of 150 to 5.200 books per hour. The highly technological solutions offer an excellent cost-benefit relation at competitive prices.