Environmental Technologies/ Recycling

Together with our customers we share the vision of a sustainable and everlasting development for a better tomorrow

The worldwide market for environmental technologies has grown constantly in recent years. This development is being encouraged by new environmental legislation, the strict control on compliance to these laws and increasing public awareness.

Additionally, the adoption of adequate recycling equipment allows preventing numerous health risks, as for example dengue infections or gastric diseases.

At the same time, humanity recognizes that resources such as water or precious metals are limited and have to be handled responsibly in order to provide a liveable future for our children.

All these aspects have resulted in the growing importance of materials recycling and the cleaning of industrial waste water.

At Ferrostaal, we see sustainability as an economically, environmentally and socially valuable action with a long-term focus.

We serve recycling companies and enterprises from all different types of industries (like food, pulp & paper, packaging or print) to satisfy their environmental needs and to comply with (inter-)national standards.

Therefore we represent a broad variety of products such as:

  • System solutions for the recycling of solid waste

  • Compact plants for waste water or process water treatment

  • Equipment for odour control

During our long-lasting existence, we have proven to be a reliable partner, who always strives to find the optimal solution for our customers. Therefore, we involve ourselves from the beginning and accompany our clients from the technical consultancy to the acquisition of tailor-made environmental technologies up to the after-sales-service. Furthermore, we can assist the customer with interesting financing concepts.

Our solutions are highly efficient and allow our customers to run the system lines economically and to benefit to the maximum from the secondary raw materials. The profits gained by the sales of these materials show that recycling is not only ecologically reasonable, but also economically feasible.

With our offices all around the world, we are always close to the client and its needs and can react flexibly towards local requirements.

We help to turn innovative business ideas into reality and to create a cleaner environment.

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