Project financing

The success or failure of projects is determined by financing. Our competencies in this area represent a clear competitive advantage because we combine financing with operational responsibility.

Project financing for large scale industrial plants is an important part of our business model: we can offer attractive technology and financing packages for any projects we develop. Our strength in this regard is the combination of financing expertise and operational understanding of the needs of our customers. Thanks to our many years of experience in the management of projects, we are able to identify feasible projects, thereby reducing the risk of bad investments.

Based on a business plan, which we compile together with the customer, we can offer the optimal package of technology and financing. In the area of project development we are currently expanding our activities in direction finance investors and fond financing in order to generate equity for new projects. Innovation is also very important in financing. New, intelligent financing models are necessary for example for new technologies, such as solar energy, i.e. in technologies that have yet to become established in the market and which have therefore only limited "bankability". At the same time we place great emphasis on a well-balanced risk portfolio. Since we know our customers, relevant countries and technologies in equal measure, we can avoid risk concentration, are able to minimise risks better and can therefore assume greater commitments even down to own capital participation.