Petrochemical Industry

We act as a general contractor for plant construction in the chemical and petrochemical sector in this business unit.

As a general contractor, we take on the responsibility for developing and implementing major petrochemical plant projects. We support our customers in every step from project development to the construction of the plant right down to the sale of the products. In doing so, we remain independent of specific technologies and products and apply only the best processes and components available at the time in question. We combine these with our own engineering, commercial handling and project management expertise.

One focal point in plant construction is methanol, a source material for the chemical industry and a high octane fuel. Our most important customer in this area is Methanol Holdings Trinidad Limited (MHTL). With the help of our plants they have been able to grow to become the second largest manufacturer of methanol in the world over the past 13 years. Methanol can be used to produce adhesives and resins for the construction industry, plastics (e.g. PET), paints and silicones.

In 2006 we have agreed on a contract for the erection of a further seven plants with MHTL. These are intended for the production of ammonia, urea-ammonia nitrate and melamine. Melamine is a much more refined commodity than methanol and ammonia: The material is able to increase the real net output ratio in processing gas.

For Ammonia Plants, Ferrostaal cooperates with renowned and experienced engineering companies and process technology providers. For instance: Acting as general contractor Ferrostaal completed a 1,850 mtpd ammonia plant in Trinidad. KBR (Kellogg Brown & Root), licensor of the KBR Advanced Ammonia Process (KAAP), provided basic and detail engineering as well as commissioning and start-up services for both projects.

We assume full responsibility for on-time and quality fulfilment of our contractual duties. Effective risk and quality management is therefore of central importance to us.

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