Oil and Gas

We serve customers in the upstream sector (exploration and production) as well as the downstream sector (refining and processing into end products).

As part of the development of oil and gas fields, we supply and install, for example, gas supply systems, collection stations and water injection plants, which are used to increase the pressure in boreholes, thereby improving oil production. We supply a wide range of plants and equipment for the processing of oil and gas, including oil/gas separation plants, sulphur and CO2 filter plants, desalination and dehydration plants. We are also active in the transportation of oil and gas and build pipelines, pumping and compressor stations. In the downstream industry, we focus on plants for the production of basic chemicals, especially olefins.

We offer a comprehensive service portfolio for the oil and gas industry:

While we generally provide all the core plant construction services ourselves, we work with strategic partners in financing, logistics and mechanical engineering. As part of dealing with authorities, we obtain the necessary permits on behalf of our customers and, if necessary, integrate our projects into public infrastructure projects. In terms of project design and planning, we select the technology and carry out feasibility and profitability studies in accordance with the Best Partner principle.

We provide the greatest share of added value in project management:

We carry out process design, basic and detail engineering, handle the procurement of plant components and deal with the plant construction itself as well as the commissioning of plants and components. Quality control is an important part of our work in every phase of plant construction. After completion, we often train the operating personnel and, through plant maintenance and the supply of spare parts, we are often linked with our customers over long periods of time.